La familia

Scuola del Cuoio was founded in 1950 by the artisan Marcello Gori and his brother-in- law and best friend Silvano Casini. When they past away in 2003, Marcello’s daughters, Laura, Francesca and Barbara took over the company along with their children Tommaso, Filippo and Beatrice. The Gori family continues to be committed to the great tradition of quality products and personal customer service which has allowed Scuola del Cuoio to establish a refined clientele worldwide. Laura Gori has been member of Santa Croce Advisory Council for four years allowing Scuola del Cuoio to assist with the plans to restore and promote cultural programs at the monumental complex. Francesca Gori has started a new line of hand-stitched one-of- a-kind handbags. Her collection is made from soft deerskin or exotic pelts such as crocodile, ostrich and python. Francesca Gori Designer bags often feature bright color combinations and have decorative closures with bobbles of silver, gold, semi-precious stones and other rare materials such as fossils, quartz, amber all from antique jewelry and the like found during Francesca’s travels throughout fairs, markets and shows throughout Europe.


The family